Maritimt Center Danmark / SvendborgEvent, Havnepladsen 2, 5700 Svendborg · +45 6223 6955  
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 Watch a 2 minut movie about our sailingtrips for both firms and private.

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Ticket trips in the Archipilago


 Skonnerten Meta sejler billetture i Det sydfynske øhav

Come along on a 4 hour trip to one of the small islands in the southern Denmark or on board a 2 hour sunset cruise.

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Maritimt Center Danmark


Maritimt Center Danmark is situated in a protected warehouse in Svendborg Harbour dating back to the end of the 18th century.


The warehouse shop

Part of the warehouse has been turned into a shop where you can buy specialties from the Archipelago islands. You can also find brochures and other information about the South Funen Archipelago here. Read more about the shop


Trips on board the sailing ships

From the end of June until mid-August we arrange trips on board the beautiful, old wooden sailing ships. You can choose between two different types of trip and five different ports of departure. Read more about the sailing trips here.
















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