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Charter a ship


At Maritimt Center Danmark we have the expertise to create unique experiences at sea.



Charter a ship for the company outing or take the whole family on an unforgettable sailing trip.


Join in setting the sails when the ship stands out of the harbour and the course is set.

Or sit back on the deck and enjoy the scenery when the wind fills the sails.



We have sailing ships available all over Denmark.


Few countries in the world have so many well preserved wooden sailing ships. Most of them are more than a hundred years old, and sailing enthusiasts all over the country make an enormous effort to preserve these beautiful, old ships.


At Maritimt Center we can arrange for you to experience the atmosphere on board one of them. We organize sailing tours all over the country and we take a pride in creating just the kind of tour that you want.



 All the ships are mastered by professional sailors and are, of course, approved by the Danish Maritime Authority.


If your are interested in chartering a ship, feel free to contact us on +456223 6955 if you want to hear more.
















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