Charter a ship

Over the last 20 years, we have organised trips on old sailing ships from the charming old warehouse at the Svendborg harbour front. All ships are captained by professional sailors and are approved by the Danish Maritime Authority. It doesn’t require any training or qualifications to help set the sails – everyone can join in!

Few places in the world boast such a large fleet of historic sailing ships as Denmark. These ships, many of which are over 100 years old, were once used to carry cattle, grain, and fruit around the country. Nowadays they can be rented for company cruises and family trips.

No two trips are the same

Two hours, half a day or an entire day – we plan the trips according to your wishes. We have ships of all sizes at our disposal, and for large parties, we can set you up with an entire fleet! Aboard the ship the opportunities are plentiful: you can get a bite to eat, help set the sails, go ashore on an island, bring your fishing rods or cast anchor in a bay and go for a swim.

For companies

With several of the ships boasting good facilities for meetings, a sailing trip in the South Funen Archipelago can be a welcome change from the traditional meeting room. From our experience, a company trip aboard one of our ships is a unique opportunity for staff tours and board meetings as well as networking and client trips.

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