The Warehouse

Rent our charming warehouse

With the great sailing ships moored right outside the window, and the skippers passing through on a daily basis, the old red-and- yellow warehouse in Svendborg has a strong maritime atmosphere, which makes it a popular choice for conferences, company events and parties.

Barrels and ropes, old sails, solid wooden beams and large doors opening up to the sea; although the warehouse has the same maritime feeling as when it was built in 1873, it converts easily into a modern-day conference room with internet, audiovisual equipment and a stage.

The warehouse accommodates 160 dinner guests, 200 conference participants and 350 reception guests. A popular choice is to combine a day at the warehouse with a cruise aboard one of our old wooden ships, ready to pick up your guests right outside the warehouse.

Maritime Centre Denmark is a part of SvendborgEvent Contact us by phone on +45 6223 6955 or by email at

Our warehouse at Svendborg Harbour can accommodate 160 diners, and can throughout the year provide the following:

Food and drinks

For events where you want to serve food, you must use a local restaurateur. It is not possible to bring your own food.

Beer and soft drinks must be purchased through Maritimt Center. We only have beer and soft drinks from Carlsberg. Wine and spirits are permitted for payment of 30 kr. + VAT cork money per person.