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Find all the local producers and farm shops

The 140-year- old warehouse at Havnepladsen 2 in Svendborg unites two of Svendborg’s prides; the maritime surroundings and the taste of the tempting food products from Funen and the islands.

Throughout the years, a lot of loading and unloading has taken place here, when sailing ships brought goods to and from the islands. Today, this historical practice is continued in the Culinary Welcome Centre, where shelves are brimming with specialities from all the small, local producers.

The idea is to help tourists and locals alike in planning their own customised tour of producers and farm shops. Maps, leaflets, and timetables for the ferries are at your disposal, and staff are ready to pass on their own top tips.


Open on weekdays from 9am to 4pm. In June, July, and August until 5pm, and until 1pm on Saturdays.



  • Icecream from Skarø
  • Homemade apple juice from Langeland
  • Special salts from Ærø
  • Rapeseed oil from Tåsinge
  • Special beer and aqua vitae
  • Fragrant soaps
  • Artistic glassware from Glasmagerne on Tåsinge
  • Rigger bags made from canvas
  • Handmade brushes in teak and maple
  • Nautical books
  • Drawings and postcards



















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